Admission to the 73-bed resort will be more like checking into a hotel. Whether you had a joint replacement, heart attack, neurological illness, post-COVID syndrome or even a stroke, we are here to serve you!

At Parc Place Medical Resort, we offer this and so much more!

  • Luxurious furnishings with personal touches
  • Planned activities
  • Full-service beauty salon/spa
  • On-site therapy gym
  • 24/7 care with concierge services. Personalized care for personalized needs.
  • “Common Grounds” bistro and coffee bar
  • Room service
  • Fine dining
  • Wifi
  • Satellite TV and personal phone services
  • Solo-Step fall protection system
  • The OmniVR™ Virtual Rehabilitation System – This is the first virtual rehabilitation system developed to accommodate the needs of medically complex patients, including aging adults. This easy-to-use technology employs an advanced 3D camera and specialized computer software to track patients’ precise movements and allow them to interact in a virtual world. The system includes a variety of exercise programs for physical, occupational, and speech therapy applications. Research indicates that patients enjoy performing virtual exercises and activities, therefore motivating them to exercise harder and longer. As a result, virtual rehabilitation treatment outcomes can equal or even exceed those achieved with traditional therapeutic exercise alone.
  • NuStep®  recumbent cross-training machines
  • Stationary bicycles
  • Diathermy electromagnetic heat treatments
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Parallel bars
  • High/Lo mat tables
  • Pulley system
  • Balance boards
  • Pain management systems

Our goal is to prepare you to return to home as rapidly as clinically possible. Each patient is assessed by his or her interdisciplinary team and individualized care pathway is put into place with the patient. This may be a short-term “rapid recovery,” or there may be a need that takes an extended amount of nursing and therapy services. We are here for whatever our patients need! Our team of highly skilled and experienced therapists is dedicated to your individual success. They will assist you in achieving your specific goals, optimizing your highest functional levels and getting your life back to normal. You have many choices – choose the best!